Boston Unveiled – That Old Black Magic The first European mages to arrive in New England made dark compacts and concords that still affect. It’s basically a mash-up of Boston Unveiled (which has made my Mages control most of Boston, vampires control what’s left, there’s a. Mage: The Awakening—Boston Unveiled. White Wolf Publishing. * (based on 1 rating). WWP Our Price: $ Unavailable. Facebook.

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Mage Awakening: Boston Unveiled | Adventure Log | Obsidian Portal

By far the best section was on Story hooks – the awakennig stuff. What have you done with it? Essentially, an exit clause if the Prince failed his end. This section also includes local Banishers, Seer groups, and Tremere. He also confronts Septino about his sneaky behavior and claims a favor in response to the stolen tass — it appears the two are now at odds.

The Nemean seen in the story involving the mage name escapes me whose life is being seized by an Archmage is an Ochema. In another container a sarcophagus was opened releasing some sort of mummy inside which attacked the other part of the group.

White Wolf – Mage The Awakening Boston Unveiled WW40200

What do you need to run a Mage chronicle in the city of Boston? He’ll put bodies in the ground and not think twice about it. Builds on the material in the Boston appendix of the Mage rulebook. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The team at the murder scene uncovered that the abductors are a hunter group who are all extensively trained. They are given the general area and using fate arcana Mockmar was able to steer the group towards the location of an old stone building converted into apartment lofts.


The man in the bathroom was apparently some sort of guardian helping the girl to hunt at night. The maps and history section of this book don’t do the setting justice to capture the imagination for bosfon types of stories that can be told.

White Wolf – Mage The Awakening Boston Unveiled WW | eBay

A fight broke out and in the end the three killed what was apparently a young looking vampire. I have approximate knowledge of many things. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Revlon hte an attitude with what was apparently an evil mage of sorts and the Emerald Scroll was destroyed when another mage intervened.

But that is just a guess. A member at the table suddenly callapses and spirit enteties erupt from him and attack the group. They were able to mnock her out and decapitate her however they were informed that she would likely be able to return one day unvekled. If a player defies the Nemean, what exactly can he do? I believe it’s heavily implied, if not stated outright, in the Silver Ladder book that the Nemean acts like a violently unstable tyrant awaening a reason.

Remember how a Master of Spirit can establish their own courts of which they are the top dog, and can create their own monsters? Malcolm said so years ago.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. As for why he messed things up, I can only guess: The group discovered a trap in the second room, in which a gold coin on the floor triggers a spear to impale anyone wishing magr take the coin.


After some time, Walter creates a portal to the water world, and the tass is collected 3 by Walter, 1 by Septino. Last edited by Freemind ; I ujveiled recall that but can’t recall why he wants to do that. The Nemean is plenty powerful, and plenty brutal. Using fate and bowton arcana Mockmar summarized that setting a trap would be the safest approach. Graves allowed several mages to escape by pulling in the shadows and obscuring the attackers vision.

I’m also running with the Tremere elements out of Dorchester. Septino is informed by Morvron previously that the Nemean was abducted for the putpose of obtaining crutial information he is hiding that might spell disaster for the consilium.


Also an announcement awskening made that Morvron, Walter and Zeno are members of a cabal that have come to Boston to investigate potential wrongdoings that have been affecting the larger world in a very dangerous manner. I just found this book woefully inadequate for a setting book. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Several comspirators are injured and after Ferum dispatches the creature they all return to a nearby safhouse and find the other group tending their injured.

And he failed, getting himself deposed but remaining the Prince’s Baron.

Tiki showed the group the master which turned out to be a Leshen who the group wisely offered a sacrafice to and the group was permitted to pass unharmed.