to “The Maypole of Merry Mount” .Hawthorne wrote the following introduction to the story: .There is an. Young Goodman Brown and Other Hawthorne Short Stories study guide The settlers of Merry Mount particularly venerated the Maypole. Settlers of Merry Mount worshiped the maypole, which they decorated with flowers or leaves, depending on season, danced around it, called it.

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At sunset in hawthoorne town of Merry Mount on June 23, Midsummer Eve, a maypole—a tall, slender pine tree—stands decorated with flowers, blossoms, and ribbons. Together they defeated the king’s forces in the English Civil War. Further penalties, such as branding and cropping of ears, shall be thought of hereafter.

Had a wanderer bewildered in the melancholy forest heard their mirth and stolen a half-affrighted glance, he might have fancied them the crew of Comus, some already transformed to brutes, some midway between man and beast, and the others rioting in the flow of tipsy jollity that foreran the change; but a band of Puritans who watched the scene, invisible themselves, compared the masques to those devils and ruined souls with whom their superstition peopled the black wilderness.

To ask other readers questions about The Maypole of Merry Mountplease sign up. This perception upon the puritans weakens their image to the reader, causing a foreshadowing of future occurrences of weakness upon the puritans.

Kelly Smith rated it really liked it Oct 19, O people of the Golden Age, the chief of your husbandry was to raise flowers! Their extremist ideology caused them to harm those who believed anything other than strict Puritan views, ripping families apart, murdering the innocent, and thus sparking the intent of many authors to write about their grim character. Sep 02, Dan rated it it was amazing.

Dennis Worthington rated it liked it Jun 26, Hawthorne based the Puritans in the story on historical Massachusetts settlers.

Twice-Told Tales, by Nathanthiel Hawthorne

On Midsummer Night, maypoole, hobgoblins, and witches held their festival. But be this your merriest hour, my hearts! The young man tells her that this is the best moment of their lives. However, after Cromwell’s death ina movement to restore the monarchy began, and King Charles II was restored to the throne in Perhaps an allusion to the Dionysia and the orgia, festivals in ancient Greece dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry.


Bright were the days at Merry Mount meery the Maypole was the banner-staff of that gay colony. Tyler Proctor rated it really liked it Sep 16, In fact, she and Edgar face a severe test immediately after the marriage ceremony, when Endicott threatens them.

His right hand held hqwthorne gilded staff — the ensign of high dignity among the revellers — and his left grasped the slender fingers of a fair maiden not less gayly decorated than himself.

Now leave we the priest to marry them, and the masquers to sport round the Maypole till the last sunbeam be withdrawn from its summit and the shadows of the forest mingle gloomily in the dance.

On his head is a wreath of vine leaves. The leader of the hostile party stood in the centre of the circle, while the rout of monsters cowered around him like evil spirits in the presence of a dread magician. But never had their youthful beauty seemed so pure and high as when its glow was chastened by adversity. Open Preview See a Problem? Lisa Finefrock rated it liked it Jul 18, Men voyaged by thousands to the West — some to barter glass and such like jewels for the furs of the Indian hunter, some to conquer virgin empires, and one stern band to pray.

Hawthorne based this character on a historical figure, John Mortona lawyer. Even that dim light is now withdrawn, relinquishing the whole domain of Merry Mount to the evening gloom which has rushed so instantaneously from the black surrounding woods. Hawthorne uses the image of the metal to symbolize the great power of whomever yields it, yet at the same time it is used as a burden on the wearer, showing their human like qualities are weaker than that of may;ole the reader would expect.

The May-Pole of Merry Mount

But some of these black shadows have rushed forth in human shape. Stricken by the newlyweds, he spares them but orders they put on more conservative clothing. Tarnish it not by any pensive shadow of the mind, for it may be that nothing of futurity will be brighter than the mere remembrance of what is now passing. Jan 21, Marie rated it liked it Shelves: Real joy, Hawthorne seems to be saying, arises spontaneously out of contrasts.


The Maypole of Merrymount: a Study Guide

Hawthorne based this character on a historical figure who migrated to America in Midsummer eve had come, bringing deep verdure to the forest, and roses in her lap of a more vivid hue than the tender buds of spring.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It could not be that the fauns and nymphs, when driven from their classic groves maypooe homes of ancient fable, had sought refuge, as all the persecuted did, in the fresh woods of the West. Their foes were triumphant, their friends captive and abased, their home desolate, the benighted wilderness around them, and a rigorous destiny in the shape of the Puritan leader their only guide.

In the fading light, shadows emerge from the forest—armed Puritans in their traditional black garb. Only love can bring people together and make them happy.

But the votaries of the Maypole gave one groan for their idol. As it sank, tradition says, the evening sky grew darker and the woods threw forth a more sombre shadow. Instead, he concentrates on an old style English country marriage held beneath the maypole, on the day John Maypile and his Puritans have singled out the maypole for destruction.

On festivals, there was no merriment; they simply fasted. One was a youth in glistening apparel with a scarf of the rainbow pattern crosswise on his breast.

The colonists attached a poem to the pole to moubt its purpose.

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung theorized that all humans share inborn impulses that cause them to perceive certain external stimuli in the same way. The Merry Mounters sometimes sang ballads or told stories for their grim visitors, juggled for them, or paraded around for them in their strange costumes.

Retrieved from ” https: However, the Church of England retained Catholic rituals such as the mass and prelates such as bishops. Noor Ferdous rated it liked it Feb 26, No sooner had their hearts glowed hswthorne real passion than they were sensible of something vague and unsubstantial in their former pleasures, and felt a dreary presentiment of inevitable change.