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This index of income diversification in agricultural holdings had a highly varied territorial distribution — both at the level of voivodships and poviats Figure 2.

What proves that the agriculture is developing towards multi-functionality is a modest importance of areas with agricultural holdings where incomes from agricultural activity predominate, especially when compared with the share of agricultural holdings surviving on incomes generated beyond agriculture.

It is so because this kind of activity improves the financial situation of the rural household and reduces the seasonal income instability which is characteristic of the agricultural production — income fluctuations Zegar, Introduction 1 The paper deals with the issue of multi-functional development of rural areas in the light of diversification of income sources in agricultural holdings.

This is because, on the one hand, the main concerns about lacking projects have been dispersed, since local governments have overwhelmed provincial authorities with applications whose value by far poksce the available funds. That development is identified with more extensively diversified forms of non-agricultural economic activity, particularly on-farm economic activity. First and foremost, the analysis of the spatial patterns proved a very strong impact of historical conditions.

Nicolaus Copernicus University, mirbicz umk. Types of agricultural holdings with agricultural activity by major source of incomes.

BazEkon – Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie

Gorzelak, Polska polityka regionalna – cele, uwarunkowania, instytucje, instrumenty, w: Consequently, multi-functional development of rural areas in Poland is well delayed. These a were analysed individually or in form of composite index and they were characterised by significant differences in the spatial distribution, which was due to the impact of several conditions — particularly: The figures varied across voivodships from 1.

Another phenomenon which emerged from the study was a disadvantageous decrease in the number of income sources in agricultural holdings operating in unfavourable natural conditions. On the other hand, the share of holdings benefiting from the European aid measures designed for diversification of economic activity in the total number of business entities entered into the Register of Business Entities [REGON] was the basis for assessing the impact of the European funds from the perspective of the entrepreneurial growth in agricultural holdings.


Narodowy Fundusz by Joanna Heyda on Prezi

Another rise recorded — in relation to incomes from agriculture — was in the share of agricultural holdings with incomes from old-age pensions, disability pensions and other unearned income sources. The feature was affected by the historical conditions; thus, such agricultural holdings were more numerous in West Poland when compared to East Poland. What can prove the progressing multi-functional development of agricultural holdings is a low rank of farms where incomes are generated mostly by agriculture-related activities, which is particularly conspicuous upon comparison with the percentage of agricultural holdings with incomes from work in non-agricultural sectors.

Transport and construction services were of lesser importance Figure 7. Type V — highest ratio of agricultural holdings where agricultural incomes dominate poviats. Nicolaus Copernicus University, rudnickir umk. The only matter which can raise reservations is the relatively slow pace of these hope-inspiring changes.

As it is, the departure from the conception that rural areas are mono-functional, dominated by the agricultural function, is a fundamental condition for social and economic development of these areas.

Roman Rudnicki Nicolaus Copernicus University, rudnickir umk. On average, it was In the rural areas in Poland inon average, Noten van de auteur This paper was written in the framework of the research project: In the poviats located in East Poland, where the area of agricultural holding is historically-determined and is below the national average, there was a higher percentage of agricultural holdings with agriculture-related activity, when compared with the number of economic units.

Selected determinants of incomes in agricultural holdings in Poland.

In that case, stimulation of these agricultural holdings with additional income sources would compensate for their lower incomes from agricultural activity. On the other hand, the agrarian determinant emerged in the spatial analysis as one having a significant impact. The problem has been undertaken by many Polish researchers e. An increase was also observed in the share of agricultural holdings with incomes made up of old-age pensions, disability pensions and other unearned incomes.

The paper also distinguishes a discrete category of agricultural holdings with agriculture-related activity, i. It points to the ongoing process of ageing in rural population, which requires setting and meeting new objectives in the domain of social policy, especially with regard to provision of care for the elderly. The article presents the results of the spatial analysis of Polish private agricultural holdings with agriculture-related business activity.


Integrale tekst PDF Dit document melden. In economically stable EU countries, diversification represents a strong feature of rural economies, while in countries affected by economic crisis, the number of farms with other income-generating activities is significantly lower Kapsdorferova, Filo, Kadlecikova, Sustainability of rural systems: This kind of business activity also contributes to a more efficient management — it usually leads to the utilisation of excess workforce and a better utilisation of the buildings, machines and equipment which are already available in an agricultural holding Dzun, It is, naturally, still premature to fully assess the scale of the EU financial aid inor the fund transfer, structure and the impact upon the Polish beneficiaries, as well as the causes of any possible impediments.

Also, farms of above-the-average acreage, by virtue of the production scale, more often enjoyed incomes from agricultural activities. This analysis is carried out in the background of the main elements determining the EU fund absorption by Polish local authorities, as well as the present system of their implementation, the respective modifications planned forthe scale of the aid offered and the current data on the applications filed.

These observations testify to the low impact of the European funds dedicated for increasing the number of agricultural holdings with non-agricultural activity.

Broadening can follow from agritourism: Inhoud – Vorig document – Volgend document. The total number of income sources per agricultural holding With this respect, it is of utmost importance for farmers to take up non-agricultural activity. The farm enterprise is grounded in a new or different set of resources involved in novel patterns of resource use.

The studies involved 1. Typical expressions of deepening fields of activity are: The analysis showed a non-negligible diversification in the income structure of agricultural holdings in Poland. The situation is improving gradually rpzedakcesyjne of agricultural holdings with non-agricultural activity grew from Od Do Temat Uwaga.

Vergroten Origineel jpeg, k. This paper was written in the framework of the research project: