FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Button Control” Tutorial. Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users. FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Voice Control” Tutorial Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users make . Just to be sure: For flows, checklists, etc I can use the manual for the Airbus X #pageid.

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Nanual I said earlier, it takes some practice to stay ahead of events, but if you’ve got this far without a nervous breakdown, it does get easier thereafter. Microsoft Flight Simulator – Cockpit Management software.

Standard Disclaimer The review above is a subjective assessment of the product by the author.

USing a complex aircraft forces you to study how to use everything and where to find all the systems in the cockpit. There’s the Ground Crew, who do such things as bring you paperwork and de-ice you. I recommend this addon to everyone who wants to take simulating flight a step further and I fs2creew the price of EUR 34,95 is worth it.

That’s for a standard flight. Installation is easy and after installation you can enable the voice control. There is no connection between the producer and the reviewer, and we feel this review is unbiased and truly reflects the performance of the product in the simming environment. Changing items in the preflight briefing will have an effect on the actions taken by the FO.

Once you’re on the final approach, the workload increases fss2crew both of you, setting radios, autopilot settings, flaps, etc, and more checklists involving one or both of you. Like all such checklists, you respond to your FO by pressing one of two keys that you’ve already assigned in advance.


As Miss Jean Brodie said in the movie of the same name, “For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like. Share on Pinterest Share.

FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q Voice control – Simreviews

You’ll also be doing the Final Cockpit Preparation Checklist at this time. But when you like it as real as it can get, you should push the button. Finally you’re ready to taxi, and it’s assumed that, amnual a turbo-prop, you won’t be doing a pushback.

Mouse clicks now tend to be used for more specific, and novel, functions like looking at your pilot’s watch or fastening your seatbelt!

For those who are familiar with the PMDG product, that much will be familiar. I did not notice any additional performance overhead from using FS2Crew.

FS2Crew for ATR

Fs2crrew, let me at this point issue three words of warning: February 29, February 29, Rene 0 Comments. But this is the only problem I encountered. Share on Google Plus Share.

In real life aircraft like the Dash 8 Q has two people in the cockpit to share the workload, so why not in the sim?

FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Voice control

I had trouble with one small word: Complete details of the rating system may be found here. You also have time to think what you’re going to say in your Departure Brief, such as the runway condition and whether you’ll use bleeds, and put that into one of the few dedicated pop-up panels.


Classified, Want, Swap Ads. The display will give you a notification when an update is available. When you actually use it, you will discover the full wealth of detail that is in the product. But don’t imagine he’ll do most of the work while you gaze out of the window.

At that moment the FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q Voice Control was available, so I decided to use that at the same time to do a review on this piece of software as well. If you have never used the plane before, make sure you can fly it properly, including switching all the switches, before touching FS2Crew.

When you buy a very well simulated aircraft like the Majestic Dash 8 Q FS2Crew is a must have to get deeper into that simulation and get the feeling of realy controling an airplane with everything that comes with it.

Register a new account. My first flight with this product was like one of those nightmare days at work where you’re trying to understand some manual, and people keep ringing you up, giving you things to sign, and generally pestering you; I fell behind the whole sequence, pressed the wrong buttons at the wrong time, and got the whole thing in a complete twist.

This is a not so subtle hint for you, Bryan!