8 Results Visit ‘s Farid Esack Page and shop for all Farid Esack Books by Farid Esack . See search results for author “Farid Esack” in Books. this is the very core of Islam. Arifa Farid*. Farid Esack, Qur’an, Liberation and Pluralism: An Islamic. Perspective of Inter-Religious Solidarity Against Oppression. The latest Tweets from Farid Esack (@FaridEsack). University of Johannesburg Academic, Board Member of @BDSsouthafrica. South Africa.

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Critics also accuse Esack of expressing sympathy for the idea of an “Islamic state” at an event in Hamburg. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

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In the early s, Nelson Mandela esqck promised the mainstream Muslim organisations that Muslim personal law would be introduced following the abolition of apartheid, allowing South Africa’s Muslim community the right to be judged by Shari’a values in matters of inheritance and marriage law. A rotten legacy Qantara dossier: Kenneth Cragg has famously criticised Islam’s alleged optimism about ‘political religion’ and the chances of reforming the deeply sinful structures of afrid world.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Most mosques and Islamic organisations saw him as a dangerous gadfly, either because they were nervous about his support for the ANC, which they believed might launch Ugandan-style expulsions of South Africa’s Asians, or because they were disturbed by his apparent co-option by Selly Oak-type Christians. Against all forms of discrimination Muslims played a key role in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, says Esack and to this day, their influence goes far beyond their actual number.

He has opened the postmodernist Pandora’s Box, and cannot say what will emerge next. On page a tafsir work is attributed to Ibn Arabi, whereas scholarship has known for several decades that this text is in fact by Afif al-Din al-Tilmasani. In Germany on the other hand, not only is the movement little known — it is extremely unpopular. Accusations that the Israel boycott recalls the Nazi slogan “do not buy from Jews” he dismisses as propaganda.

Available for download now. Including Tariq Ramadan, philosopher, now living in Switzerland, author of To be a European Muslim, who enjoys a great deal of support amongst young Muslims living in the French suburbs; Paul Scheffer, professor in the field of urban issues and publicist in the field of multicultural society in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe; the Malaysian writer, poet and editor Eddin Khoo; Farid Esack, Muslim fsack from South Africa and former apartheid fighter, and Olivier Roy from France, an expert on the Islam and author of the recently published book The globalisation of the Islam.


The Esackk embassy requested that the University of Hamburg refrain from inviting Esack again. High to Low Avg.

Esack is more than aware of the historic sensibilities that prevail in Germany.

Prof Farid Esack

Thus, for faeid, Kevin Reinhart’s important book Before Revelation merits no discussion whatsoever. Esack ties the Islamic faith in with a criticism of colonialism, imperialism and western hegemony, with a plea for social justice and equal rights.

Also, to tarnish all Jews with the Zionist brush is racism regardless of who does it. Esack’s exuberant manifesto goes on to tackle a further issue.

Farid Esack

Even more puzzling is Esack’s neglect of Western Muslim reflection on the theme of religious plurality. To his credit, Esack closes his book by faltering. It completely lacks the style and reverent tenor of Muslim reflection, with its characteristic indigenous terminology, and with the deployment of scriptures as sacred archetypes rather than as archaic problems.

This approach has provoked huge controversy in South Africa, particularly in connection with Esack’s advocacy of female imams in mosques. Sira is merely a hadith genre – and not the least precarious one; and if there is no Sirathere are no asbab al-nuzul.

He grew up in South Africa in great poverty in a Muslim single parent family, an experience that has had great influence on his vision of the world. Esack spent eight years as a student in Karachicompleting the traditional Dars-i-Nizami program of Islamic studies and becoming a mawlana or Muslim cleric.

I had nothing to do with it,” “I am sickened by the perpetual expectations to condemn. The language of migrants Being a stranger in a second language. Ignoring the recent vindication of the hadith by Harald Motzki of Hamburg University, Esack plumps for a traditional scepticism a la Goldziher and Schacht, and announces that ‘where I do cite a hadith in support of a particular opinion, it is not because I believe that it is authentically the word of Muhammad, although that may indeed be the case; I cite a hadith because it reflects the presence of, and support for, the idea among earlier Muslims.


Ibn Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity outlines, albeit with regrettable brevity, the Andalusian theosophist’s appreciation of non-Muslim faith. Most Recent Photo Essay. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. What subjective Rahmanian ‘elan’ will shape the new exegesis? In fact, Esack is even less inclined to invoke God than are many Christian theologians, who at least manage to squeeze Him in parenthetically when they wish to make a poetic gesture, growing tired of their sterile intellectualizing.

Provide feedback about this page. The Pakistani scholar Fazlur Rahman suggested that the sacred text acquired its temporal colouring from its passage through the mind of the Prophet, and that the traditional situational exegesis asbab al-nuzul active upon each verse has a confining effect. He received a grant to study at a madrassa in Karachi in Pakistan, took his doctoral degree in Birmingham and followed a postdoctoral program in Germany.

Are the anti Western sentiments that are now felt, specifically of these times, or do they go much further back in history? Neither can he be troubled to discuss the minority of classical scholars, such as Ibn Arabi againwho have validated the imamship of women for male or mixed congregations, or their fiqh justifications. This is evident from the fact that Jews are also represented on the BDS movement advisory board and that Jews also campaign against the occupation in Israel itself.

During the late s, Farid Esack was one of the most conspicuous Muslim campaigners against apartheid in his native South Africa. Low to High Price: As he noted in the introduction to his book On Being a Muslimsome of his fellow students later joined the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Interview with Islamophobia researcher Linda Hyokki “Europe has a problem with religion”. Learn more at Author Central. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Liberals who demand the abolition of Qur’anic guidance on inheritance, marriage, divorce, custodianship of minors, and indeed any other social issue, must be set in authority over the ijma of the Umma, past and present.