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Costa Rica – Maternity protection – 2011

Law of Employment Benefits Regime, official registry No. There are not qualifying conditions General Labour Act. To this aim, it shall guarantee to every woman services and programmes of health care for free and with the highest quality, during pregnancy, confinement and the post-natal period.

Maternity benefits are to be paid only if the worker effectively enjoys the leave before and after delivery. The National Executive will regulate the fulfillment of this duty through the subsidiary payment of an amount of money, when confinement occurs in municipalities uncovered by the Social Security and where the State does not provides medical assistance free of charge.

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To this aim, it shall guarantee to every woman services and programmes of health care for free and with the highest quality, during pregnancy, confinement and the post-natal period. The wages and working conditions shall not be reduced. Organic Labour Act Decree No.

The male worker shall present to his employer a medical certificate regarding the date of born of his child as well as his condition of father of this child.

Men who are privately employed, whatever the form of employment contract, beneficiaries of the Act on Labour Risks; beneficiaries of unemployment benefits; beneficiaries of the Act on the Integrated Retirement and Pensions System; and beneficiaries of the non-contributory pensions plan for disability, and national, provincial or municipal civil service employees.

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Women of child-bearing age are prohibited from being exposed to the maximum levels of radiation permitted in cases of emergency. Up to 45 days before and 45 days after confinement. In cases where the woman does not fulfill the prerequisites to receive social security benefits, the employer shall pay her two-thirds of her remuneration.


The wages and working conditions shall not be reduced. Women workers may, however, request such examinations in order to enjoy the protection accorded by the provisions of the Act. People who serve the nation, states, territories, Capital District, municipalities, autonomous institutions and people in general public moral, are covered by the Social Security system Mandatory in cases of cash benefits for disability or partial incapacity, old age, survivors and marriage.

Workers may not be exposed to the action of physical agents, ergonomics, psychosocial risks, chemical, biological or otherwise, without being warned about the nature thereof, the damages that may cause to health and previous coach on the principles of risks prevention. It is unknown whether a further regulation or decree has been enacted on this subject at the time this up-date has been done. It is unknown whether or not there has been enacted a further Decree or Regulation on this, until the date this up-date has been done.

It is forbidden to employ women in underground tunnels, kilns, mills of minerals, and generally in all those works that present a hazard of intoxication, which give off deleterious gases or vapors or noxious fumes. Decree Supreme of February 19 of That regulates conditions for security in employment of parents in public and private sectors. Excluded are domestic workers, without prejudice to the executive authority including them in the scope of application of the Act on Labour Risks Act No.

The National Executive will apply the compulsory social security regime to home-workers and domestic workers both casual or temporary. Historical data year indicates year of data collection Adoption benefits are conferred by the Labour Code and covers all workers in the public and private sector. To this respect, the adoptive mother shall enjoy three months of leave from the day the child passes into her custody. Employers of women and minors shall adopt safety measures to guarantee their health and comfort at workplace.

In the case of illness resulting from pregnancy or confinement, the woman shall be entitled to leave for a further unspecified period. All matters relating to the welfare and social security and members of the National Armed Forces will continue to be governed by special laws. In the case of a premature birth, the full period of leave that the worker did not take before her confinement shall be carried over to the period of her confinement, so that she is granted 90 days altogether.


Reglamento del Seguro de Salud For purposes of this Act, institutions and corporations above shall be considered employers. To this aim, it shall guarantee to every woman services and programmes of health care for free and with the highest quality, during pregnancy, confinement and the post-natal period. The amount cannot be lower than the wage that the worker was receiving before confinement.

Her salary must not be reduced and her employment conditions must not be affected. Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts. They are protected by compulsory social insurance, permanent workers under the jurisdiction of an employer without considering if is urban or rural sector. Nevertheless, it is said that a regulation may stipulates these conditions. General Labour Act Leave in case of sickness of the child Not provided General Labour Act Dangerous or unhealthy work General It is forbidden to women and minors under 18 years old to perform hazardous, painful or harmful work to their health or moral.

There are not special provisions in this sense.

Women employed in the public and private sectors. Special protection for pregnant minors, right to healthcare, protecting measures on maternity and parternity Programa Materno-infantil de la Nacion Argentina Financing of benefits By Social Security for people affiliated to the system By State for women registered in”plan nacer” Act There are not qualifying conditions to be decrreto to paternity leave benefits.

Special Law to Dignify the work of concierges, Official registry No. It is not expressly provided. It is not mentioned.