You need to set it up as a parent cache. Adapt the instructions here for your use. It is for squid transparent proxy with a Privoxy parent but your setup is similar. Install DansGuardian to configure web contents filtering. vi /etc/dansguardian/ systemctl restart squid dansguardian. Hello all, I have a squid proxy running. The main aim was to share the internet connection and to restrict the access to limited sites and content.

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As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy. I do not know why.

How to make dansguardian first proxy, then squid? (it’s faster this way) | Netgate Forum

Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing dasguardian connectivity that maintains both security and privacy. Just adding transparent works in newer squids most prob. This port has been converted to the new RC framework and should work correctly via rcorder. Will do it once I get hands on F I still need to change the browser settings to connect to internet. Hence we got a company to provide internet via microwave link. Email Required, but never shown.

I have tried all the steps before posting and I already have one squid running in transparent mode. When I use the iptables script to make it transparent, the squid can not also browse the internet. Again, please consult the example squid.


Prevent users from bypassing the filtering system. All times are GMT It seems I need to take into account ppp0 that is activated when I dnsguardian up the connection via Eth0. Any help will be greatly appreciated Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i.

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Installing and configuring Squid and DansGuardian on FreeBSD

Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. I know you may have invested a lot of time into this, but you might want to check out a couple of products XX IP of the squid proxy serverif you are using a single server loopback is fine.

Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Thanks for this great resource, it has saved me tons of time. You’d better go with a dns-filter.

In a transparent proxy you do not need to adjust the browsers on the workstations, just put dansguardian and squid on the gw server to you network and then point internal servers to that IP as their default route and ALL port 80 traffic is routed to that server and cannot avoid dansguardian.

Do this by running “squid -z” as ‘root’ or ‘squid’. I’ve been doing this setup for customers for a while Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It can be as draconian or dansguarvian unobstructive as you want.


For clients to connect to internet, browser must be dquid to use the proxy. The default settings are geared towards what a primary school might want but DansGuardian puts you in control of what you want to block.

Now again check the logs whether browsing is ok. Installation of Squid The first part of the handbook covers the installation and configuration of Squid.

This is the same thing, but privoxy as a parent proxy does not like dansugardian, it will refuse connections: Page 1 of 2. This way the setup was: Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

Hope I could help! For more information about Squid, please visit the official website of Squid.

Dansguardian Internet Content Filtering

It is something like adsl modem just that it does not have any ip of its eb. And there’s a freeware dns-filter supporting auth and AD integration. Join our community today! Do I need to forward all the requests to ppp0 or to Eth0?

Proxy Server – Squid, Samba, Dansguardian. Having a problem logging in?