CCNP ROUTE Instructor Lab Manual. use by instructors in the CCNP TSHOOT course as part of an This lab uses Cisco routers with Cisco IOS. CCNP TSHOOT Student Lab Manual. Share? CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT Official Cert Instructor Lab Manual. Download Ccnp Tshoot Instructor Lab Manual free pdf, Download Ccnp Tshoot ccnp tshoot instructor lab manual. this document is exclusive property of.

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Other comparable tools can be used. The show spanning-tree vlan 10 command on ALS1 and DLS1 indicates that all port channels are designated and forwarding. Document the physical topology to support future troubleshooting tasks. Add these to your toolbox for future use.

CCNP TSHOOT 6.0 Student Lab Manual

Analyze device configurations for troubleshooting and maintenance features. This command applies to access ports as well insrructor trunk ports. Load the device trouble ticket configuration files for TT-C.

To ensure that the startup configuration is complete, you must copy manually. You can download the files from the Academy Connection website.

Review, mahual, and discuss the following aspects of the logical network configuration. Tracking packets in real time is a fairly intensive procedure, and technical limitations might restrict the links where traffic captures could be collected.

The ip host entries are only provided in this Lab as the device IP addresses will change in subsequent labs.

With hundreds or thousands of hosts attached, access devices such as Layer 2 switches are a common source of networking issues. The output also indicates which other type of STP was detected on the port. The errors in the configuration are commented and highlighted as red text.


Troubleshooting approaches to select from include the follow-the-path, spot-the-differences, bottom-up, top-down, divide-and-conquer, shoot-from-the-hip, and move-the-problem methods. The show running-config interface mamual and show running-config interface po10 commands on DLS2 confirm that Po2 encapsulation is dot1q and the native VLAN is Instguctor verification should uncover both issues.

Use of the archive utility in the configs, how it records versions of the running config, and how the path statement works to name files as they are sent to the TFTP server. This issue can be remedied by issuing the following command on switch ALS1: Be sure to review each major section task of the lab with the students to ensure that they have the network properly documented, both physically and logically.

Displays a more detailed description of the type of port inconsistency and what might be causing it. If the directory and files are not present, contact your instructor.

Read ccnp-tshoot-instructor-lab-manual

Analyze the configurations of the devices for services that support troubleshooting and maintenance, such as syslog, Simple Network Management Protocol SNMPand other network management features. In the previous step, the subnets were documented in the Rshoot table. Assign Responsibility for Each Device optional Task 2: To access privileged EXEC mode, use the enable password of ciscoenpa Notes Use this space to make any additional notes regarding troubleshooting and maintenance applications or tools.

Presented here are points for the instructor to emphasize tshoit the lab debriefing discussions.


CCNP TSHOOT Instructor Lab Manual_图文_百度文库

To determine the traffic path between the affected hosts, you can combine knowledge from the following sources: To simulate an Internet connection, you can ping the R2 Lo0 address at A method of tracing traffic that can be used under all circumstances is analyzing the process of MAC address learning along the Layer 2 path. Reload requested by console.

This command shows you whether the VLAN exists and which ports are assigned to it. Set the correct time on router R2, which serves as the primary NTP server for the lab network. After an equipment failure, a network technician was asked to configure bundled Ethernet links between the ALS1 access switch and the two distribution layer switches in the network DLS1 and DLS2.

You will assess and tsohot tools that can be used for future maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. ALS1 erase startup-config Erasing the nvram filesystem will remove all configuration files! Alternately, you can use the PC browser to connect to If dynamic, which routing protocol?

Discuss which verification techniques could be used to find these types inwtructor issues. If yes, which one? These elements are not necessarily executed in the presented order.

Is there an operational trunk between the two switches? The configs provided here are not running-config outputs.