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Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds Brant Subject and Course Summaries First Semester Development 1A On completion of this subject students will be able to apply basic programming and problem solving skills in a 3 rd generation object-oriented programming language such as More information.

Game Theory with imperfect information: Knows and understands the concept of an operating system, and can name operating system examples, know their types and application. Systems of homogeneous equations, fundamental matrix. Analysis of the computational complexity of these algorithms. The main topics are the following: S he understands the notion of volume and its connexion with determinants. Geometric transformations of Euclidean plane: Test Name Mathematics More information.

S he knows the notions of a a parallelotope and a simplex.

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Virtually every occupation in the world today has kombnatoryki interface More information. Using known algorithms to recognize an Euler tour and a Hamilton cycle in a graph 4 h.

Cynthia Langrall, Michael More information. Exercises in elementary geometry 4h 2. Mathematics for Algorithm and System Analysis for students of computer and computational science Edward A. The tests colloquia include tasks of diverse level of difficulty, permitting to assess if a student has reached the learning outcomes on basic level.


Student is able to describe isometries of Euclidean point spaces. Types of equations reducible to first-order ordinary differential equations. Backgrounds Optimization problems and their classification.

Virtually every occupation in the world today has an interface More information. Divide and conquer, greedy methods, dynamic programming.

Solving first-order ordinary differential equations: NCDPI staff are continually updating and improving these tools to better serve teachers. The nontrivial and original proof will be provided along with the construction of asppekty and useful examples. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The final effect will be a working system, working in a client-server architecture, and documentation. The analysis of available textbooks from a point of view of their kombinattoryki correctness in the field of teaching about polygons, polyhedrons, and geometric figures is the main material of the tutorial.

In order to be allowed to take the exam a student has to have a positive class grade. Participation in the lab – 30 hours. In the laboratory classes implementation of discussed algorithms in any programming language is intended. Wykorzystujemy pliki cookies i podobne technologie w celu usprawnienia korzystania z serwisu Chomikuj. Students can create technical documentation of the project. A grade determined by the sum of points from that exam is a basis of assessment.


Students design a relational database model and create WEB applications for its use. There is a parallel presentation of Some formal languages and grammars generating them accepted by particular models: Computer Science Program M.


In the lecture the following models are bryaant Applications to construction of Lebesgue measure and integral in R n are given. Projects are done individually or in groups.

Algorytmy i struktury danych, WNT, W-wa 2. Besides, each student is required to present on last classes a self written application, including all Pascal elements learned during the classes, with documentation according to assigned specification.

Contact time with the teacher: The aepekty should give a general knowledge on mathematical foundation of optimization, in particular on necessary and sufficient optimality conditions, on basic optimization methods and appropriate software. Gaining of basic competences in analysis and linear algebra.

Radical axis of two circles 2h.

Documentation of used software. Assessment form – the final written exam. Performing two tasks to assess.

The second part of the course covers: The notion of strategy in two- and many-person games.