Blackwater: A Novel [Kerstin Ekman, Joan Tate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On Midsummer’s Eve, , Annie Raft arrives with her. Blackwater is a novel by the Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman. It received the August Prize in and the Nordic Council Literature Prize in It also won . Now it’s time for a classic from an extremely notable author from Sweden: Kerstin Ekman, the Swedish crime novelist and the author of a string.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Something deep seems to lay just below the surface of the words. Popular Music from Vittula — Mikael Niemi The ideals of the commune are constraining rituals, just as the conventions of regular society. Johan struggles with his past and his future.

BLACKWATER by Kerstin Ekman | Kirkus Reviews

I suspect, to be honest, that kerstkn probably would. Ekman employs numerous elements to sustain a mood that ranges from somber to creepy. The murder in the book is suggested to be loosely based on a real murder in Appojaure in Ekman gets deep into the characters’ lives and souls, and unflinching, tells the story of how the world has changed over three decades – all the changes worldwide affect even this tiny village in northern Sweden.

I must re-read it sometime.

Kerstin Ekman’s Blackwater takes us to a remote place in the mid-north of Sweden where Midsummer’s Eve, a time of the year when magic is at its strongest, is celebrated as the greatest festival of the year. The theme of nature runs through this book like a mountain stream. There are too many parts that slow the book down, without any obvious purpose. Kerstin Ekman elsker virkelig sin natur. In the old days, people thought the cuckoo became a hawk when the summer was over.


The lingering light intruding on the nighttime blsckwater lends an eerie ekmman vibe. I won’t relate the story as there are some great reviewers who have already done a much better job than I could, but I will say that for a cleverly-written taste of Scandinavia I would recommend reading Blackwxter.

A Day in Ostrobothnia — Antti Tuuri She telephones her friend and lover, local doctor Birger Torbjornsson to tell him what she has seen and later discovers that the man she saw is Johan Brandberg, the youngest son of a local family. The detailed recounting of people’s lives in a remote part of Sweden – beautiful descriptions of the landscape, intense listings of plants and seasons, all wound around the story of a murder that goes unsolved for 30 years.

Feb 25, Jill rated it liked it Recommended to Jill by: She encounters Johan briefly in the forest and 20 years later seems to recognize him as the man dropping her daughter off late one night. This is the kegstin that drives the book forward even while the crime itself remains unsolved for several decades. The narrative voice revolves around three main characters: Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

Swedish Writer to read 6 Mar 31, This is literature of the highest order. But then there’s another murder, and it seems to be connected to that old case About twenty years ago, two campers were savagely murdered in their tent near the small, remote Swedish town of Blackwater. Jul 02, Shawna rated it did not like it.

Blackwater (novel) – Wikipedia

Aug 09, Arielle rated it it was amazing. This complicated, disturbing novel reminds me of the best of Ruth Rendell.

Annie and her six-year-old daughter Mia wander between a river and forested hills searching for the commune they plan to join. Sweetness — Torgny Lindgren I always felt like I was being kept at arm’s length while I read this book, and unfortunately that meant that I didn’t develop any sort of sympathy for any of the characters.



This book is sucking my will to live. Topics Mentioning This Author. Their physical discomfort is portrayed blackwqter the cloud of insects that hover and bite them. The heart was pumping. Not by any sound, but frightened from within, icily and inexorably warned by an instinct she had never before known existed within her.

Samuels bok — Sven Delblanc To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yes, there is a crime and it resonates through the book, but there is ekan much more. Roman — Dag Solstad.

Even the task of rowing a boat takes on a darker significance: Books by Kerstin Ekman. It is well written and thrilling at times, but there are long passages that are not very exciting and seem to have nothing to do with the story.

May 11, Larissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: A thriller that extends over 2 decades in Lapland. I really can’t decide if it was an amazing book or just okay, but I mark okay anyway.

Archived from the original on However, that all said and done, the author has created a gloriously rich and thoughtful page-turner that deserves to be read.

I really enjoyed this crime novel. I can even understand why that is so.

The water enveloped the slim body of the canoe. The iron mine has brought lots of young people to Lapland. Annie Raft, is woken at 4 am by a car pulling up outside her home. As Americans, we might equate this to the Native Americans’ spiritual views toward the land and the earth.