But I was lucky enough to see Barry Cunliffe speak about the Ancient Celts at the Oxford Literature Festival earlier this year and then to have. The Ancient Celts has ratings and 33 reviews. Jane said: Text is dry and dense on the whole, with the thrust on archaeological finds. Some history an. And though this ancient thousand-year-old civilization was crushed by the military Now, in The Ancient Celts, Barry Cunliffe, one of the world’s leading.

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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Even with these parameters you would have needed detailed volumes on language, mythology, the cultures that they came in contact with, how these cultures saw the Celts and archeology to give a more through picture.

In case you want to get a grasp of the ancient celtic world this book is an interesting option. The first tool was how other people viewed the Celts and through what glasses.

The Ancient Celts

References to this book The Atlantic Celts: We don’t really know their purpose but archaeologists feel they served baarry religious purpose or were some kind of boundary marker. The only negative thing are that he disregard a lot of the sources about the heathen temples founded by the Celts in France and Germany and take away focus on them to more focus on groves and springs in the religious section. Warfare, society, religious systems, migrations and the relations among the tribes and the Greek and Roman world and of cource art, are thoroughly depicted.


Fhe second tool was the available archeological finds.

I found the discussion about how the perception of the Celts has changed over the years to be particularly interesting. Jan 03, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: Warfare and Society Books by Barry W.

A meaningful summary of the archaeological and classical evidence concerning the history of the Celts, including the dawn, prime and twilight of their civilization. Published September 2nd by Penguin first published September 4th These areas did not get assimilated as the European ones did purely because of their isolation.

I learned that the Celts were all over Europe, not just in Ireland. The Communities of the Atlantic Facade 9. This was for me the main course book, the or version, at the course “Celtic History and Culture” as Uppsala university in Sweden.

The Ancient Celts – Barry W. Cunliffe – Google Books

As with the other books that I have read from the author, I found the maps useful and plates incredible. If you’re interested in the Celts then this would be a good book to work with, but I wouldn’t necessarily read it all in one go. Oct 23, Kirsty McCracken rated it liked it. I am hoping that Cunliffe is busy rewriting Facing the Ocean for republication, with even newer findings to share.

It was Oppenheimer’s genetic research that led Barry Cunliffe to rethink the archaeological evidence, and conclude that the Celtic culture arose along the Atlantic seaboard. A book which gives you lots of detailed information about the subject.


He also gave us a glimpse of why these people may have viewed the Celts the way they did. And though this ancient thousand-year-old civilization was crushed by the military campaigns of Julius Caesar, the Celts remain an object of fascination to this day.

Barbarian Europe and the Mediterranean: Fairly dry reading, I only read the religion chapter in depth. The Arts of the Migration Period Exploring the archaeological reality of the Iron Age inhabitants of barbarian Europe, Professor Cunliffe traces the emergence of chiefdoms,patterns of expansion and migration, and the development of Celtic ethnicity and identity.

What little is known about the development of the Celtic languages and religion is discussed. It has fairly modern views of the Celts and quite a few pictures.

Visions of the Celts 2. Other aspects of Celtic identity such as the cultural diversity of the tribes, their social and religious systems, art, language and law, are ghe examined.

Highly recommended for lovers of Celtic history and culture. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want felts read. Dec 31, Vasiliki rated it it was amazing. The Ancient Celts by Barry W.