A Few Words about Azharul Fatawa by Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Naseem Ashraf Habibi (Habibi Darul Ifta, Durban South Africa) Azharul Fatawa is a. Azhar-ul-Fatawa. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is. Name, Azhar Ul Fatawa. Author. Topic. Publisher, Habibi Dar Ul Ifta Durban Saudh Africa. Language, English. Total Count,

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This part is fatawx sacred and respectable in the beliefs of Christians as well as the full Cross. These are the Prophets. In case, we suppose it to be said about the other kind of Fasiq, i. Hence, it is a Darul Harb and it is clear and needs no explanation. A sinner must not lead Momin at all but only while he is overpowering where Momin is frightened by his lash or sword. If he has wrong tenets and false beliefs like Wahabis and he used to perform Namaaz behind the Wahabis knowingly, considering them as Muslims, in this case the girl has got legitimacy to make Nikah with any other person she likes.

Neither is their Salaah considered to be Salaah, nor is Salaah behind them considered Salaah. In Fiji there is a grave of Wali who came from India and Muslims they visit and respect to that blessed places in the town Navua.

Hence, find out the insight of Hadrat Mufti-e-Azam Hind nidi Allahu anhu in Islamic law and estimate the range of his information about the habits and affairs of contemporary aharul. Just as Bareilly in the time of A’la Hadrat radi Allahu anhu enjoyed the privilege of being a superior centre for the issuing of Fatawa, today Allama Sahib’s personality enjoys a similar privilege.

After the passing away of Huzoor Mufti Azam Hind radi Allahu anhuAllama Sahib not only assumed the responsibility of the Darul Ifta, but he bestowed it with the dignity which created absolute confidence and respect in the minds of even ffatawa most learned in the field.

Azharul Fatawa-Collection of English Fatawa-by Taajush Shari’ah

In this case there are not liable for the sin, which has been done by others, and they are not obliged to do anything as they are quite compelled. It allows the eggs being formed in the y and joining with the male sperms. The basic meaning of this Hadith is that it is Haraam to injure and also Haraam to be injured. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taajush Shariah’s depth of knowledge of Fiqh is not unknown to the learned in this field. Some of his Books’ names are as follows:.


The persons sitting in the presence of Hadrat Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind radi Allahu anhu always observed him expressing annoyance when he saw anybody wearing a Tie around his neck.

Certainly, a theologian must be such that he must have awareness about the people of his time, despite having no contact with them.

Umme Balwa means the commonness of intensity and unavoidable narrowness.

It is Makruh-e-Tahrimi to perform Namaaz behind him. A Muslim writer, E. I conduct Jummah prayers there also. Almighty Allah knows best. In which Aayaats of the Quran is stated that Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam is superior than all the Prophets and all the creations?

Azhar-ul-Fatawa –

In fact, Wahabis have refused the commands of the Holy Quran and authentic Traditions of the Holy Messenger Sallal-Laahu Ta’ala Fatawaa Wasallam and have adopted very irrespective manners towards the Saints and pious persons. Bareilly has gained the distinction of being the centre for the issue of Fatawa to the Sunni Muslims throughout the world, due to the exceptionally high standards set by Imam Ahmed Raza at the Darul Ifta.

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This has been prepared especially for the English-speaking Muslims who find the issues addressed here new and interesting in the context of their modern lifestyle.

I have presented here only one example of insolence and blasphemous chattering of the leaders of Deobandies in the sanctified court of Allah’s last and beloved Prophet Sallal- Laahu Alaihi Wasallam otherwise, there are much more such examples of derogatory remarks which they have made against Allah and His Prophet Sallal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam. Please inform us of the Islamic ruling in the above case and options that can be used? Those Islamic issues which confront most modern-day Muslims living in Western countries, and which until recently were neither readily accepted, nor practiced by them, are now being addressed and presented by Taajush Shariah in a manner which appeals to their sense of logic.

The Jews built the Mosque directly on the graves and this is obvious that this is the contempting manner and irrespective. The first collection has been widely accepted and acclaimed, with the help of Almighty Allah.


It happened just last year that a convert Muslim told me that the Tie was considered as a dress of respect to the Church. As opposed to questions submitted to him by fax and post, the questions presented to him over the phone exceed in number.

They are certainly apostate and struck off the circle of Islam due to their wrong tenets and beliefs, which are contrary to Islam. Is the circumcision of women permissible in Islam? Iam certain that it will be a female child. Under such circumstances, is their Imaamat for Taraweeh?

Akhtar Raza Khan – Wikipedia

On the sacred day of Friday, a huge colour portrait of Khomeini was conspicuously displayed at its entrance. The erudite Scholar, Allama Manawi alaihirrahmahexplaining this Hadith states: The arguments of our four doctors upon this point are twofold. I A J “It is Sunnah to keep the beard one fist in length. Every year in Durban, the Sunni Ulama take a telephone message from Cape Town which is about kilometres away from Durban, to commence Ramadaan or Eid.

It has been stated in “Alamgiri”: This is contrary to the opinion of Imam Aboo Yoosuf and Imam Shafei, who conceive an analogy between the case in question and that of a protected alien within the Mussulman territory. If you had possessed it after plucking the dates from the trees, it would be yours.

They must resist the unlawful conditions of others vigorously. Ala Hazrat alaihir Rahma has explained this rule of Shariah in his various verdicts. As above same as answer 2.

Azharul Fatawa Front Page

It is, therefore, true azhagul the Republic of South Africa as it is a non- Muslim country from the very beginning. Please provide a Fatawa regarding the cited subject and there is no Muslim Sunni Mufti currenty in Fiji and it is for reason I have knocked your door. I request your honour to give the verdict on the following questions.