The Archidoxes of Magic has 46 ratings and 0 reviews. This is a source work of medieval magic that gives complete sets of zodiacal lames. There are some differences in the formulae as found in Paracelsus’ original text, that found in Robert Turner’s English translation, and that found in Ars Paulina. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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Paracelsus, thus, argues that the spirits, or the nature, of metals correspond to those of the planets in the heavens. This is a source work of medieval magic that gives complete sets of zodiacal lames, characters, and planetary magiv, with full details for their manufacture and consecration, often omitted by later writers.

The Archidoxes of Magic

It muft be ap-? Trivia About The Archidoxes of The rest was desired in a German example, even the strength and virtue of this kind of Sigil, for which it is made: The soul is said to escape from the tip of the head, but when the person suffers an instant, violent death, the soul fails to escape paarcelsus the head, and get stuck, as it were, at the tip of the skull.

Neverthelels many who have notun- derftood thefe thingshave had many various opinions hereof. The Best Books of The Seal of Pifces. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Archidoxes of Magic : Paracelsus :

Be of GoldIron y foppery Silvery of each Z ii. Mustafa Al-Laylah rated it liked it Jul 09, There are two caufes chiefly why treafures are fo greedily fought after by men.


But now tofpeake of another example,ltnoJ that the Imagination doth not onely operate o men in time of Peftiience, and to deprive man of their lives, but alio in war: Let the Patient alfo drink Wine every morning, wherein the faid Seal arcihdoxes been fteeped all night, and afterwards hang it about his Neck again. Never- thelefsI would not have all Confecrations to be rejectedbut onely thofe Ceremonies, which are, aflumed to be ufed again!!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But I fhould nfe thefe things to the hurt or prejudi of man, I fhould Blafpheme againftGods or I fhould Conjure any Spirits, manherbe, rooi Of ft one, 8cc.

This Seal throughly heals the Itch or Scurff in the Thighes: Wits Interpreter, the Englifh Parnufusor a fure Guide to thofe admirable Accompiiihmsnts that compleat our Englifh Gentry in the mofi ac- ceptable qualifications of Difcourle or Writing: But if we would refilt t.

And by no meanes foever let them keepe filencc, as fome perfidious Negromancers have taught. The Virtue thereof causetth happy Journeys: It rileth from the Membranes and re- ceptacles wherein the Heart apracelsus involvedit be- ing compreifed with corrupt and ill Flegm. Paracelfus of feveral Caufes, which in this place we intend not to treat of ; but only of the more erievn.

The Lesser Key of Solomona grimoire of the midth century, is substantially based on the Archidoxis magica. A Primary Source Analysis: Let it be applied when Mercury h in the firft Houfe of Heaventhe air being clear and lc- rene, for then it is much better and in the hour of Mercuryfor then he ruleth the firft Hopfe of Heaven ; but if it cannot be, refer: Wherefore no Coats of Mayl can defend ind af them, be they never fo good ; but they muft put on other weapons and fortifications, to wit, the Armor of Faith: It js a certain Remedy to drive away all Flies from the Bed where it is hanged.

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The Archidoxes of Magic by Paracelsus

So all the other Seals may be done: The Seal of Aries. It is a most excellent Remedy against all Poyson and Diseases thereby infected. In brief, this Sigil is most profitable and excellent against all Maladies whatsoever; especially all griefs of the Paracelssus Members. For thereby they will reap nothing but difgrace, which oftei happens to many of them: Afterwards, the Moon descending, and is in the 9 or 10 degree of the signe Pisceson the left side enfrave as followeth: And as many og lick it, or tafte of this Salt, fo not be infeSed, not: Libra This Sigil is to be made of pureand to be melted, poured out and made when the Sun enters Librawhich somtimes happens on Sunday the 13 or 14 of Septemberaccording to the progress of the yeer: It is the Gener al opinion of mofl ignorant peopleto count all things that are above their Vulgar appre- henfonsto be diabolically and meerly brought to pafs by the works of the Adchidoxes Cy” i a of Lend, 3 i.