AIMCAT Solution. Uploaded by. mannika. Q Moral Delimma mannika. AIMCAT Question Paper. Uploaded by. mannika. Cost Accounting. Is dat variation in accuracy in va in aimcats normal, considering dat va in cat I thought this was supposed to be a chat for AIMCAT and not general. AIMCAT QA YouTube 2. Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Unable to load.

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TIME an established brand of management coaching institue.

Chat Transcript

First read only the questions and few lines of the passage to decide ur familiarity with the topic and whether you want to attempt the same – The read the passage very fast, U will know which lines in which paragraphs will tell you the answers. Sir my question is regarding cat cut-offs. Will be grateful for any help! Parth, that depends on the time that you give yourself for RCs and also your reading speed.

For this case, everybody got at least 5 chocolates and also a unique number of chocolates. The results will be collated once both the windows are complete. Triumphant Institute of Management Education.

You definitely stand a chance if you perform well.

This video is unavailable. The tests are designed in such a way that you can get the feeling of the 109 CAT exam in your home itself. Last year, there was not 1 paper, there were I dont want to go in Symbiosis – so should i appear for the 130 VA and Logic is my strong section and DI is good but my quants is pathetic. And, you will also get a second chance, with those schools that accept both.


Welcome to App Annie! For those CAT aspirants of batch: Login Free Sign Up. Submit or Connect With Facebook. Try to maximize your score. Hi sir, Sorry for the Off topic question.

There will be Aimvat on Decision Making. Hnadouts once again, then more questions from the study material, then Mocks and Onlinetests. The topic of functions and Graph is quite vast. Please suggest ways to improve this situation.

Alexandrine, which is a verse or line of poetry of twelve syllables, is the odd man out. Amcat RC Passages, In the exam, run through the question lines related to each passage this will give you a rough idea of the content of the passage, and of the types of questions. Very few IIMs give any weightage to that and that too helping only the borderline cases.

Contextual usage of words is very important, also grammar errors in the sentence will help u eliminate wrong answers. For IIFT, acads etc will play a role in the final shortlist, not for interview calls. Send an aijcat to charltondcosta time4education.

I have got only about marks.

aimcat 1320 pdf editor

In CAT you need to target gret percentiles, simply given the intense competition. December – detafb. Today result came of aimcat and to get my percentile I wimcat trying to open your site. It takes discipline to do that. You will inference based questions in CAT which means you should be able to analyze what the author is trying to say.


Come back to it later if you have aincat time. Look at areas in QA where you have not been able to score. Dear Vaibhi, identifying M and D qs is the ultimate skillthat comes after you have mastered all other relevant skills! A six month strategy Time4education home aimcat login.

Yes ‘peoples’ is a correct usage. Is there any college in top 20 list that doesn’t consider acads, I have poor acads it is really making me down. You may then 11309 able to answer questions on these aspects, if any. Time4education aimczt download for computer. Work on those topics which you are not yet comfortable with. I am finished with almost all online sectional tests. Past aimcat papers download pdf found at gyancentral. I got only 2 right. If i attempt, with no time limit, I solve around 27 out of Posted on February 22, ai,cat admingnz Caterpillar est un logiciel d’extraction de texte dans une page web.

Do not get demotivated. Thank you so much. Also solve a sectional test once a week.

Is it there for CAT? Time Institute, login ; download.