El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd has ratings and reviews. Mara said: I am just not made to enjoy formula crime. I find knowing who did it glar. El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd has ratings and reviews. Brina said: I read mysteries in between denser reads and Dame Christie never disappo. El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd has ratings and reviews. mark said: Choose Your Own Adventure!You are a country doctor living in a cozy Eng.

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I discovered the murderer at the beginning of the book Return to Book Page. Es porque ha venido el notario, Mr. To ask other readers questions about El asesinato de Roger Ackroydplease sign up. I just finished …more I would also say yes, they’ll appeal to you. The central characters of Dr Sheppard and his sister Caroline are excellent, with the Dr playing the Hastings role for Poirot. Unofficial Poirot Buddy Read: Poirot then proceeds to inform all that he knows the killer’s identity, confirmed by a telegram received during the meeting.

Did not enjoy one rogef. What I found was a vivid picture of life in a English village. I’ve been on a huge murder mystery kick recently, and would recommend this to anyone who is into that sort of thing!

This book had it’s highs and lows. The Greenway Estate in Devon, acquired by the couple as a summer residence inis now in the care of the National Trust.

The set-up for including Poirot was awkward, but once you get beyond that bit, the story flows nicely. All of the characters are introduced to us early, so there are no annoying surprises when a perpetrator jumps out at the last moment. I used a dirtier word, but I am attempting to portray myself as a sweet and mild-mannered old man.


At some point while I was reading this book, I thought, she couldn’t or wouldn’t go with christtie route. Refresh and try again.

I’m guessing, though, I would’ve enjoyed it even more had I not known the ending. Please try again later. But either way, I have developed a taste for Christie’s novels and really enjoyed listening to it as an audiobook too! In the last chapter, Sheppard describes how he was an asssinato narratorusing certain literary techniques to conceal his guilt without having written anything untrue e. I felt rather uneasy.

There were sprinkles of profanity that will always be a let down for me. He later finds a goose quill and a scrap of starched cambric in the summer house, and a ring with the inscription “From R” in the backyard pool. Cecil Ackroyd, who has taken up residence in the victim’s home. The ending in my opinion was just lazy writing.

El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd

It just didn’t make any sense for the characters that we got to know all At some point while I was reading this book, I thought, she couldn’t or wouldn’t go with this route. Views Read Edit View history.

Aggatha a massive manhunt, she was not found for eleven days. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And in the case of Dame Agatha Christie and me, I assumed it was the truth.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Wikipedia

I just finished …more I would also say yes, they’ll appeal to you. A murder has happened at Fernly Park! Books by Agatha Christie. I’ll continue to hope I didn’t read the best one first, and try a Miss Marple next The text was heavily abridged and each instalment carried an uncredited illustration.


See all 15 questions wckroyd El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd…. He would be the one character above suspicion ell spoiler ] A fun read that encourages me to work a Christie novel in now and again.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

On the last night I read pages because I knew I had to finish it for my course. I’m not going into any spoiler details but it is superbly written with so many red herrings and false clues. Kindle Editionpages. To be more specific, she mentioned the killer’s profession.

Hmm well Monsieur Poirot did and that’s what matters eh? It was necessary to sidle, since precariously arranged books impinged more and more every day on the passageway from the street. I’m not sure why I asked for this one in particular, but it’s likely that I scrolled through Goodreads to see which ones were her most popular it’s currently her fifth most read book.