Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Congratulations ! Your selection of a Honda Civic was wise investment. View and Download Honda Civic Coupe owner’s manual online. Honda Civic Coupe Automobile Owners Manual. Civic Coupe Automobile pdf. Download your free PDF file of the honda civic coupe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals.

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Honda Civic

Page Park to neutral. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Technical Information ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, and technical information.

Vehicle Storage Also, apply a vehicle body wax to the painted surfaces that mate with the door and trunk seals. If you stop adjusting, the displayed mode is selected after about five seconds. Page Covic of these discs are shown to the right: Make sure the coat hook is closed when you are not using it.

Page of Go.

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Page PIN Number: Audio unit may not play the following formats. Maintaining your vehicle according to the maintenance minder shown in the.

General warranty provisions New vehicle limited warranty Emissions warranties Warranties on accessories, replacement parts, and more. Carbon Monoxide Hazard Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move the vehicle out of the garage. Do not hang any items on the head restraints, or from the restraint legs. Setting The Clock 1: You may be able to receive a distant radio station one day and not receive it the next day because of a change in conditions.


Page 63 Continuously driving under those conditions could damage the power steering system. OPEN button beside the screen. Use the preset buttons to enter the five-digit code see page When the audio system is disabled, the clock setting in the audio system will be canceled.

Page 45 Route the tether strap over the head restraint, making sure the strap is not twisted. Page When using the sun visor for the side window, remove the support rod from the clip, and swing it out.

Release the parking brake.

When you finish, move the selector switch to the center off position. Page MAP button cancels the audio display on the screen. Push the 2090 fill door closed until it latches. Interior Lights 30 seconds. Cruise Control The cruise control system can be left on, even when it is not in use.

After the beep, say a desired four- digit number. To open the console compartment, pull up on the lever, and lift the lid. You will need to reset the clock see page Civic Coupe Fuses Auxiliary Input Jack To activate this, press and hold either side of the CH button until you hear a beep. Page The steering system can be damaged if the steering wheel is locked.


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Repeat this procedure to set your message. Page See page obtain a copy, or see your dealer. To reduce glare at night, the instrument panel illumination dims when you turn the light switch to the position. The engine number is stamped into the engine block.

Honda 2009 Civic Coupe Owner’s Manual

Page The engine number is stamped into the engine block. Page The hot three way catalytic converter cuvic cause these materials to catch on fire.

On vehicles with navigation system The navigation system will also disable itself. Even a small amount of leaded gasoline can contaminate the catalyst metals, making the three way catalytic converter ineffective. Page To help compensate for this, ground-based repeaters are placed in major metropolitan areas.

Page For your safety, make sure you have a clear view through all the windows before driving.