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author, screenwriter, producer. 

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Alison Caiola has spent many years in Hollywood as a P.R. Executive and writer. She recently finished her first novel The Seeds of a Daisy, the story of a young actress dealing with emotional turmoil following her mother’s devastating car accident. This novel is full of raw emotion and high drama, set against the backdrop of Hollywood politics.

She is the writer, producer and sometime director of the web/tv series The Tyme Chronicles, a new action packed series about two close friends (Ex Special Ops) who, with their family, create an organization "Heroes 4 Hire" and go undercover to work with the CIA and FBI. It's buddy movie funny and the romance component and family dynamic really tug at the heartstrings. The show has an incredibly talented cast starring  JD Daniels,Doug Phillips, Jennifer Ellis and features David Valcin,Jordan LeedsEd Heavey, Craig DiFranco, Allison Bartlett Rhea Ruggiero, Cedric Canon and Kevin Cutts.

Alison currently resides on the North Fork, East End of Long Island with her daughter-dog Emma, surrounded by farms and lovely vineyards and wonderful friends.

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245 East 44th St., Suite 12B
New York, NY 10017

Alison is available for interviews, book signing events & personal appearances
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